The Alleyway project explores the relationship between the urban and suburban alleyways, and aims to rejuvenate underutilised communal spaces through commissioning art installations and their corresponding sustainable initiatives. 

Freewave draws inspiration from oceanic waves and mathematical sine wave equations. It plays with organic forms using parametric equations, generating 31 individual bamboo bracing that reflect the formation of a wave. The installation uses 62 3D-printed nodes to support each of the bamboo bracing in its respective angles. Freewave is fabricated using a modern technique (3D-printing) and a traditional local material (bamboo), which jointly reflect the stark contrast in modernity and locality of the suburban area. 

Through closer inspection, residents onsite love to gather around gardens whilst going on a walk within the neighbourhood, sharing their day -to-day, gardening tips, and even exchanging plants. The installation is therefore designed as a therapeutic garden in mind, with a certified horticultural therapist holding workshops for the community. 
Freewave is accompanied with a  therapeutic gardening workshop, an effective microbes workshop, a kid’s 3D-printing art camp, and an interactive exhibition. 

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