Inspired by the confluence of the Klang and Gombak rivers, Entwine is a sculpture of two masses merging into one. Driven by his fascination in algorithmic thinking and all things cutting edge, Teo employs the use of technology fused with his understanding of the built environment to convey his artistic narrative in response to the environmental concerns of our city -- in addressing Kuala Lumpur’s waste management problems.⁣

Incorporating the use of over 500 pieces of recycled plastic panels, Teo creates an abstract sculptural form consisting of a calibrated series of ascending interlocking hollow blocks that rises to a crescendo; in spirit of reverence to the confluence that brought about our nation’s progress. By doing so, he imbibes the material with depth, dimension, and meaning — essentially, proposing them as a viable architectural material and thus inspiring a consideration of more sustainable construction methods for the future.⁣

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